Effective people management is key to keeping operations running smoothly and staff delivering a service that matches demand and keeps customers coming back. From hiring to staying on top of labour laws and regulations, keep your people management simple and effective with S4labour and Talent Funnel.

Hiring made easy

Talent Funnel’s applicant tracking system (ATS) is the first step in getting top talent into your business. Like S4labour, Talent Funnel takes a best-in-class approach when it comes to its offering – specialising in pre-hire.

Attract. Engage. Convert. Onboard. That’s the four key areas of the hiring process that the ATS focuses on. With key concepts such as automaton, “speedy support”, and usability at the centre of the platform, Talent Funnel have created a system that is “easy and logical to use”. The result? A platform that ensures users spend less time on admin and more time doing what they love. Hiring great people.

Processing candidates is a breeze. Finding those standout hire no longer fees like a chore. And the time you get back to focus on delivering a top candidate experience is rewarding. Once the ATS is paired with S4Labour, a truly seamless experience for both hiring teams and candidates is achieved.

Happy staff, happy life 

When you nail your hiring and onboarding processes, you’ll not only find well-suited team members for the job, but you’ll see a major improvement in retention. Making a good impression and giving your team everything they need to be their best is key to long-term productivity and employee satisfaction. With S4 Connect, the employee app, your team own their onboarding and the ongoing management of data and documents.


Perfect schedules, lower costs

Getting your labour levels right every shift is one of the biggest drivers of engagement, productivity and overall cost management and sales growth. With hour-by-hour deployment, you can match sales demand to meet every peak and trough throughout the day. You’ll have the right people at the right time, ensuring you deliver a great service and don’t overspend on labour costs.

Smart decisions with data

With S4labour and Talent Funnel working together, you’ll get a treasure trove of data. Track how well your hiring process works, see how your staff are performing, and keep an eye on labour costs. Complete visibility of important trends and information helps you make smarter decisions to achieve better operational outcomes.

Stay compliant with ease

Worried about labour laws and regulations? Don’t be. Talent Funnel keeps your hiring process documented, and S4labour handles ongoing employee records and ensures you have complete compliance-confidence.

In a nutshell

Pairing S4labour with Talent Funnel is like having a secret weapon for your hospitality business. They streamline everything from hiring to managing your workforce, helping you save time and money while keeping your staff happy.

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