Case Study

S4labour’s time and attendance is a gamechanger for SPAR, Minster Lovell

Company: SPAR, Minster Lovell
Business Type: Convenience Store
Date: Feb 2023

SPAR Overview

SPAR Minster Lovell is a family business that was founded in 1937, and has been trading as a SPAR under their symbol group since 1991. The store’s Retail Director, Ian Lewis, has been involved in the business for 10 years, employing over 20 people.


The SPAR store was using paper timesheets and rotas to turnover same-week pay, which did not come without complications. Lewis describes his Friday evenings before S4labour as chaotic, balancing an evening delivery and payroll with staff still in the store, which often led to payment delays.

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“It was a real gamechanger for us to be able to move away from paper rotas and paper timesheets.”

Ian Lewis
SPAR Retailer

Solution & Benefits

The ideal solution for the store was a digital time and attendance system, which could allow staff to tap-in and tap-out on a mobile device. This would ensure that staff were paid for the hours they actually worked, with no need for unnecessary admin hours. As well as this, Lewis wanted a way to make sure holiday entitlement was accurate, legal and compliant.


Since using S4labour, SPAR Minster Lovell has saved time by swapping paper rotas and timesheets for digital ones. Ian said, “It means now I am able to set up the rotas, set up the payroll and it’s just worked perfectly.” Better managed rotas and digital T&A has enabled accurate payroll, giving Ian his Friday evenings back: “I’m not working out hours and decimals [..] I’ve got visibility straight away, who hasn’t clocked in, who hasn’t clocked out, managing holiday…”

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