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S4labour is much more that a labour planning system, we are are in the business of enabling you and your team to BE YOUR BEST. S4labour is a partner that is centred on supporting customers to be their best, in every shift. Better at driving sales, better at engaging and retaining staff, better at getting teams to the floor rather than behind the desk and ultimately, better at making the right decisions, faster. 


5 quick reasons to look at S4labour

2% Labour Ratio Saving

By using a system designed to reduce your labour ration by 2%pts


+2% More Labour Ratio Saving

Using dedicated consultancy, S4labour embed positive habits.

6% Uplift in sales

By having your teams deliver the highest level of service and delighting customers.


Save 7 hours of admin a week

API’s, automations and smart systemisation gets your people teams doing more, faster.

Reduce staff Turn over by 50%

With all the tools you need to lead your people to being more engaged and love thier work.

Proud to work with the best

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