A Glass Full of Ice…

…can make a glass look quite full…

…which is a bit like a shift with just the right level of team to meet demand…


Just like a glass that looks full of ice, there is so much more that can you can fill the a shift with to make people more productive.

…Like a slack time tasks

By briefing your team on all the tasks that need to get done in the moments when customer demands dips, like cleaning the menus, polish the cutlery or check the toilets.


Imagen everyone of your team walks through the door, knowing what areas and roles they need to perform and are instantly ready to perform.

…And Briefing the team properly

Set incentives for the shift and let everyone knows what the expectations are. A reminder to smile at every guest as they enter the bulding goes a long way in ensure the guest has a great experience.

…But the really powerful part of shift management is growing sales

Let your team members know what the specials are, the wines they should be upselling and remind them of the very special end of dinner coffee they could offer guests.

Finally, let your data do the rest

Put your shifts on a constant journey of measurement and improvement.

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