The S4labour Story

The S4labour Story

Created by operators, for operators

S4labour was born out of the vision of two people, operators of three successful food led pubs with rooms, and hospitality consultants, experts in helping businesses improve their labour management.

Designed by people with a wealth of frontline hospitality experience, S4labour has created the most innovative labour management tools that work in the real world. S4labour exists to empower the hospitality sector to deliver a better level of service, drive sales and help managers run exceptional sites.

Alastair Scott, CEO and co-founder of S4labour, formerly worked for Mitchells & Butlers and was charged with making their labour and deployments as efficient and effective as it could be. Having fine-tuned exactly how to manage rotas and deploy shifts in a variable environment, Alastair teamed up with Phil Lunn, CTO, to set up and build S4labour.

It started with labour deployment

How many people and when?

  • S4labour’s journey began with an obsession with perfecting labour deployment. DS4deployment, remains at the heart of the S4labour product portfolio. By understanding operators’ unique sales pattern, DS4deployment is able to create perfect rotas that ensure the right number of people are in the right place at the right time, whilst keeping costs under control, managing budgets and not missing out on sales opportunities.
Then Came Effective H.R. Tools to Help Manage Your Team

Efficient Labour Management

  • The extensive HR module allows users to quickly and simply manage the human side of their business. After all, people are at the heart of the hospitality industry. HS4people includes tools such as Holiday Management, Right to Work Checks, Contracts, Sickness, Absence & Lateness, Lieu Days, Reinstate Employees, Document Uploads, Employee Appraisals, Disciplines & Grievances.
S4labour soon launched the App

We Went Mobile

  • By enabling users to view their rota, edit their personal details and request holidays using their smart phone, managers got more time doing what they are good at, and users had all the information they needed 24 hours a day. The app also gave birth to accurate time and attendance. Making T&A digital, meant that the time it took manager to sign of a rota at the end of the week was slashed.
PS4payroll was launched

S4labour became The End to End Solution by adding Payroll

  • Having an end to end solution simplified the whole process. We created a service that made use of the data from S4labour to accurately and timely sort out all the complex requirements of payroll such as pensions, auto enrolment etc.  PS4payroll was born. Time and effort are reduced as payroll, payslips and pensions are all completed without hassle or stress.
S4shift success took shift planning to the next level

Shift Leadership tools

  • Having helped managers plan their labour in line with their sales pattern and demand, S4labour launched an innovative tool to enhance communication and leadership from managers to the team. Shift Success developed better  guest experience through enhanced shift planning.
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