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Streamline 6 hours of admin a week.

Create intelligent rotas that match demand, maximise sales and maintain your labour budget in seconds. It's simplicity at its finest.
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All your rota needs, on one screen

How Rotas save you time and money

Labour cost

Rotas are fully costed, covering holiday accrual, NI and pension. 

Drag and drop

Move employees onto the rota with drag and drop functionality, allowing you to see rota costs and deployment dynamically update.


Load templates from previous weeks and use them to speed up the process.

Keep on top of labour costs and cut slack hours with complete visibility of deployment.

Live rota

Keep your team informed with access to a live rota and notifications of changes to personal information, shift briefings and more.


Make the best managerial predictions, using local weather forecasts, historic sales data, and sales trends.

Budget management

The cost you see is the cost you pay, guaranteeing no overspend.

Features for Rotas

Rotas at a glance


Schedule fast

Manage who is working, where and when in one place, with visibility of demand across your business to guide you.

Work in real time

Keep your team informed with access to a live rota and notifications of changes to personal information, shift briefings and more.

Track accruals effectively

Accurately calculate accrual to help make decisions on approving annual leave simple.

Forecast accurately

Visibility of key insights allow managers to anticipate future demand and make informed decisions on labour planning.

Rota using templates

Template features allow you to load templates from previous weeks and use them to speed up the process.


Account management

After you have been onboarded, you will be assigned a dedicated account manager who will help support your business needs and cultivate a long-standing relationship.

Clive Price

“We're a very accounts-led company, so having the numbers and the data there ready to review every single day is key to the ultimate success in the business. The business has been successful over the years, we've gone from 1 venue in 2015, to sitting at 14 now.”

Geoff Wareham
Commercial Director at Mikhail
Clive Price

“S4labour gives us better scheduling, increased sales, and improved service”

Clive Price
Barons Pub Company
Rob Brewer

“We love S4labour. It makes a huge difference to our business.”

Rob Brewer
St. Austell Brewery, BII Licensee of the Year 2016
John Roberts

“Your labour system is doing wonders at City Pub Co - well done!”

John Roberts
Founder, City Pub Company
Rupert Clark

“The decision to install S4Labour into our business was not taken lightly. However the impact has been significant and our business is stronger as a result.”

Rupert Clark
CEO, City Pub Group
Dan Fox

"I really appreciate all of your help and hard work in getting our S4labour integrated into our business. You all have been right there, helping out wherever and whenever needed for these past few months. From setting up staff to sorting the messy payrolls, we couldn't have done it without your excellent customer service."

Ronald Holmberg
Operations Director, Little Door & Co
Dan Fox

“Payroll integrates seamlessly with S4labour, so we have more time to focus on running our business.”

Dan Fox
The Arnos Arms
Dan Fox

“Moving to S4labour was a chance to relaunch better and operate our sites in a more productive, efficient way, we quickly achieved that”.

Neil Sabba
Managing Director, Tossed
Lina Blythe

"There's ongoing support from Veno who is fantastic [...] any feedbakc I've had has been listned to."

Lina blythe
Operations Director, Oowee
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Integrated with the best in class

Integrated with the best in class

S4labour integrates with over 200 innovative partners to ensure you get the best systems in the industry.

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