Take-away sales during lockdown 2

Analysis from S4labour shows that just 25% of sites have stayed open after lockdown, with 75% closing during the first week of lockdown. There is little variation between rural and urban sites, nor between geographical regions across the U.K.

Of those sites who have remained open, sales are on average 24% of pre-lockdown for the first week of trading, with food being 27% and drink being 23%, which shows a significant adjustment of the industry to the new environment. A glance at site specific data shows that venues offering pizza and other more typically take-away food are vastly up on other sites.

Alastair Scott, CEO of S4labour and Managing Director of Malvern Inns commented: “I am really impressed with how fast operators have adjusted their business to cope with the new environment, particularly as the rules were changing right up to the last minute.

At Malvern inns we are using this time to build things for the future that we may want to maintain as part of our new long term operations. This includes a takeaway offer; an off-licence and a village shop, as well as getting ahead and preparing for Christmas and even valentines day. But if we break-even during the lockdown we will be over the moon.”




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