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S4labour understands and appreciates when times are tight, which is why we have created an ROI (return on interest) calculator. You can discover all the great value S4labour can deliver to you and your business through administrative time savings, reduced labour costs, and an increase in sales uplift.

Savings in Seconds

Using benchmark data from hundreds of operators, our ROI calculator will show you how much you could save each month

Make More & Save More

Save More Time

By streamlining processes to give time back to managers, so they can focus on delivering great customer service.

Save More Budgets

With clear visibility of in-week labour spend, showing how much you are spending before you have spent it, as well as how to save it.

Take More Money

With a digital rota that matches your labour with sales demand from your till data, managers can plan their rotas hour by hour to maximise sales opportunities.

Operators currently spend time and investment controlling food, drink margins and wastage. Spending a few minutes monitoring your team’s hours versus revenue, and planning accordingly, is a much bigger prize. S4labour makes this quick and easy, so you are able to plan your rota to meet demand, without overspending.

Listen To Industry Voices

Despite the current challenges facing the industry, there are solutions at hand to help businesses navigate towards success.

We sat down with publicans across the country to find out how S4labour is helping them turn the tide.

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Make More, Save More with S4labour

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