A Pint with S4labour

While visiting pubs across the country, S4labour are running fortnightly 2-3 min chats with independent operators for views on local and wider industry challenges – bringing you ‘views from the floor’.

Sean Driscoll
A Pint with Sean Discroll, Masons Arms
"We are quite confident we can ride the storm... Our glass is always half full in the hospitality industry, not half empty."
Cassie Davison
A Pint with Cassie Davison, The Gate Hangs Well
"Our job is to create environments where people can come and just be themselves... How can you not have job satisfaction from that?"
Heath Ball
A Pint with Heath Ball, The Red Lion & Sun
"I suppose right now with the rising costs is probably the biggest problem."
Phill Davison
A Pint with Phil Davison, The Fox
"I think our challenge here and for our industry at large is the staffing situation."
Michael Pearson
A Pint with Michael Pearson, The Wych Elm
"So far we're riding the storm we're continuing to grow the business."
Julian Crowley
A Pint with Julian Crowley, The White Horse
"The mood in the camp here is, lets get on and do it."
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