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Improve retention by 65% and cut 7 hours of weekly admin.

Bring your peoples data to life and turn it into powerful and actionable insight, while inspiring your people to be their best.
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Organisational visibility for better people leadership

Track people milestones and understand worsening and improving trends across your organisation, so you know where to give your attention.

Key people performance metrics

Understand areas of underperformance and improve operational outcomes whilst rewarding and retaining the top performers in the team.


Ensure your team have regular appraisals which are recorded and HR complaint, to aid personal development and reduce reliance on inexperienced and new members of staff.

Birthday and anniversary visibility

Recognise and reward milestones in your employees’ journey to make them feel valued within the business, decreasing staff turnover levels.

Probation reports

Visibility of probation periods ensures no new starters slip through the gaps, no probation end-dates are missed, and all of your team members are off to the right start.

Leavers and staff turnover

Understand and improve worsening trends in staff turnover, helping you to identify where to spend your energy and reduce huge costs in recruitment, training and admin time.

Absence and sickness

Absence, sickness and lateness cause significant cost in the business and can impact sales, so identifying reasons and hotspots helps to improve business health.

Actionable insight for easy people management

Access employee information easily and identify exceptions to compliance that need addressing, saving time and stress on admin.

Right to work checks

Right to work breaches can carry significant fines. Have line of sight of who, what and when documents need updating in one place, with a home office compliant system.

Lieu day management

Managing lieu days can be a headache. With simple and clear visibility of lieu days, you don’t have to search and calculate numbers.

Contract creation

Contract creation doesn’t need to be complicated and time consuming. Shift the control of data over to employees, where they can check informtion and sign contracts from their smartphone in minutes.

Employee search

Find employees, their information and HR data across your organisations with a simple search.

GDPR compliance

Stay compliant with digital filing of all documents and information that keeps you on the right side of the law.

Holiday accrual and management

Accured holiday is included in rota costs, so there’s no unexpected numbers in payroll. Automated holiday management ensures employee and managers understand what is owed, and what is entitled.

Features for Engagement

People & Engagement at a glance


H.R. insights

H.R. insights brings your people data to life and turns it into powerful and actionable insight across your organisation.

Performance management

Readily available performance management templates equip managers with the resources they need to develop team performance.


Training status

Stay informed about the training status of each employee.

Employee-led onboarding

Onboard employees directly from the app and reduce admin pressures.

Reduced admin

Managers save time, as they can easily and quickly post extra shifts and empty rotas with shifts for employees to grab, without having to chase people and manually organise swaps

Happy employees

By streamlining communication, wellbeing is at the forefront and is a huge benefit to employees, therefore employees are more engaged and happier at work

Clive Price

“S4labour gives us better scheduling, increased sales, and improved service”

Clive Price
Barons Pub Company
Rob Brewer

“We love S4labour. It makes a huge difference to our business.”

Rob Brewer
St. Austell Brewery, BII Licensee of the Year 2016
John Roberts

“Your labour system is doing wonders at City Pub Co - well done!”

John Roberts
Founder, City Pub Company
Rupert Clark

“The decision to install S4Labour into our business was not taken lightly. However the impact has been significant and our business is stronger as a result.”

Rupert Clark
CEO, City Pub Group
Dan Fox

"I really appreciate all of your help and hard work in getting our S4labour integrated into our business. You all have been right there, helping out wherever and whenever needed for these past few months. From setting up staff to sorting the messy payrolls, we couldn't have done it without your excellent customer service."

Ronald Holmberg
Operations Director, Little Door & Co
Dan Fox

“Payroll integrates seamlessly with S4labour, so we have more time to focus on running our business.”

Dan Fox
The Arnos Arms
Dan Fox

“Moving to S4labour was a chance to relaunch better and operate our sites in a more productive, efficient way, we quickly achieved that”.

Neil Sabba
Managing Director, Tossed
Lina Blythe

"There's ongoing support from Veno who is fantastic [...] any feedbakc I've had has been listned to."

Lina blythe
Operations Director, Oowee
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