Project EVO

Project EVO

The Evolution of S4labour

 In 2023 S4labour overhauled the interface based on customer needs and industry expertise, to reinvent the way hospitality rotas its teams. Rota fast with a single dynamic view of budgets forecasted sales, deployment hours, and even the weather forecast. Get to grips with your schedule in seconds as automations and API’s bring everything you need all together in one place, and drive a great customer journey with EVO from S4labour.

 S4labour, ensures your team are in the right place at the right time to give your customers the best experience.

Sales Forecasting

Develop a culture of foresight with Sales Forecasting. Managers can access data and view insights that anticipate future labour demand, allowing them to make informed decisions on rota requirements.

Labour Budget

Set clear budgets for weekly labour spend either based on a percentage of sales or a non-linear base and flex mechanic.

Daily Sales Link

Sales seamlessly integrates with your tills, showing demand to guide you of your labour requirements.

Template Rotas

Save even more time, with your people planning complete in seconds, by using your template starting points. All Employees, Budgets and Forecasts, Actual Spend, Revenue and Weather are available on one screen. You can rota by person or role, ensuring you always have the right skills.

Intuitive Scheduling

An intuitive scheduling system provides a single point of truth across your business: all employees have accurate shift allocation, creating an effortless synchronisation of your people and data.

Right Labour Levels

A responsive labour analysis graph keeps up with you and your business. Indications of stress and slack periods in your rota ensure you are not deploying too much or too little labour.

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