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Flexible workforce management fit for campus life.

Rota & scheduling for universities

Running single or multi-venue facilities within universities means a lot of staff, shifts and rotas.

Get the right people in the right locations at the right times, schedule for big events, advertise and fill vacant shifts campus-wide, all in a few clicks.

Find the right people at the right time

Highly flexible workforces require effective communication and cost control. 

Giving your employees the ability to swap shifts and pick up vacant ones will ensure you always have the right amount of staff without overspending on labour or losing sales on busy shifts when demand is high.

Your staff get the flexiblity they need, and you get the certainty that you’ll always have the right people, at the right time, across every site. 

Streamline process into payroll

Processing payroll can be stressful and require a lot of time and resources. Say goodbye to manual processing and get accurate and streamlined payroll in one place. No more duplicated processes.

Automated holiday management ensures employee and managers understand what is owed, and what is entitled.

Key benefits

Future availability

Your staff can signal their available hours to work, so that you can write a rota to fit around students timetables.

Shift swapping

Sometimes last minute changes to someones availability can cause real challenges. S4labour makes finding replacements for a shift at late notice shift easy.

Site transfers

Complete flexibility moving your team to the sites where they need to be, when they need to be there, accounting for differing pay rates, TRONC and more.

Features for uni
All the tools you need in one workspace


Schedule events or meetings in advance to ensure you have enough staff to cover extra demand.


Staff deployment

An easy-to-use labour analysis graph makes deploying the right people at the right time quick, easy to visualise and consistent in delivery.


Use your past sales to predict your future revenue and deploy your staff more accurately

Training & support

We’re committed to helping your business get the most out of S4labour, with training included for all new customers

Staff availability

Automated solutions that allow staff to fill vacant shifts around their university schedules.


Time & attendance

Use our tap in and out system to record when your staff are on site. They get paid for when they are in, Managers can decide any extra time outside of rota’d hours.

More Tools

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