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Award winning end-to-end rota, people & payroll software.

One System, one process, one place

 With our end-to-end rota, payroll and H.R. solution, payroll is accurate, holiday & pension management is compliant and rotas are correct.

Rotas are finalised with staff members’ actual hours worked, populating and generating payroll, automatically handling pensions, statutory sick pay, holiday pay and more.

Retailers can track holiday accrual, store employee records and upload right to work documents in one place.

We can help you

Rota your people

  • View and control rota cost, before you have spent it
  • Create and communicate rotas quickly

Only pay staff for the hours they have worked with accurate Time & Attendance.

Manage your people

  • Complete compliance confidence, including RTW and onboarding
  • Easy and accurate holiday management

Things that used to take a long time, gets done in just a few clicks.

Pay your people

  • Optional payroll is automated, accurate and hassle free
  • All calculations and deductions are managed

With nothing to do yourself, you can focus on serving your local community.

Hear from independent retailers

We interviewed independent retailers who use S4labour to find out how we help them to be their best.

Watch the video to hear from well-known retailers Rav Garcha, Ian Lewis, Peter Patel and Guy Warner.

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Features for C Stores
All the tools you need in one workspace

Clock in & out

Start and end their shifts, so you know the exact hours worked.


Time & attendance

All your employees’ data and information is stored in a GDPR compliant digital filing cabinet.

Shift swapping

Managers approve shift changes to always be prepared and maintain great customer service.


Team app

Your team can view their scheduled shifts once you complete your rota.


Optional payroll is automated, accurate and always done without fuss — saving you time and hassle.



Link your rotas directly to our payroll system at the click of a button. Full reporting, holidays and compliance.

Labour budgets

Rota your team in seconds, giving everyone complete visibility of when they are working.


Pensions & tax

Pensions and taxes are automatically deducted and processed compliantly.

Guy Warner
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“Implementing the S4labour app was easy because we always had someone to talk to rather than relying on virtual help. I’m not sure how we worked without it before.”

Guy Warner
Director, Warner's Retail
Rav Garcha
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“S4labour is an affordable and efficient technology solution that is driving us further. It is allowing us to invest in people.”

Rav Garcha
Nisa Retailer
Ian Lewis
Image is not available

“S4labour has made a huge impact on everyone working in the store. Staff can tap in and out and instant holiday visibility for me and the team is a huge benefit. It really has changed the way we work, and certainly saved on costs.”

Ian Lewis
SPAR Retailer
Peter Patel
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“For me the real advantage of having S4labour is that it just takes care of everything, from staff rotas to the payroll systems.”

Peter Patel
Costcutter Retailer
Emma Gardner
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"The implementation of S4labour made a big difference to our operational procedures at Gardner Garages. The speed of response and support whenever queries arose was great. Now, we're not just saving time; we're maximising efficiency and improving the way we work.

Emma Gardner
Managing Director, Gardner Garages
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“It's one end to end process, making it easy to take on staff, keep them informed and paid accurately. S4labour has saved us time and money. I have had great service throughout.”

siva thievanayagam
Managing Director, TYS
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“As a petrol forecourt business with multiple sites, investing in S4labour has helped us to better manage our people, from rotas through to compliance and payroll improving communication and simplifying operations for us.”

Paul Salvidge
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Software Adapted To Your Business

Base Plan


per employee, per week

Rota creation,
App & Payroll

What's Included?
  • Fully automate payroll
  • Benchmarked labour ratio
  • Live rotas
  • Team app
  • Intuitive forecasting
  • Template rotas
  • GDPR compliant storage
  • Onboarding support

*based per employee, per week

Core Plan without Payroll


per employee, per week

+ Time & Attendance, Holiday Management & Shift Swapping

What's Included?
  • Industry standard contract of employment
  • Right To Work guidance + storage
  • Team holiday booking via the app
  • Calculation of holiday earned
  • Fully costed rotas
  • Area Manager dashboard

Core Plan with Payroll


per employee, per week

The full end-to-end package

What's Included?
  • Deployment solution to help optimize rotas
  • EPoS link
  • Appraisals
  • Budgeting
  • Automated tip allocation system
  • Event management
  • Enhanced reporting

Savings Calculator

Using the tools available in S4labour, will not only save you money, but make a huge difference to the amount of time you spend on administration and repetitive tasks.

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