Lockdown 2 versus lockdown 1

Analysis from S4labour shows that sales in the hospitality sector this week, Monday to Wednesday, were up 3.1%, 35.3% and 39.1% respectively, on last week, with tier 1 sites

up -9.1, 18.1% and 25.8% for each of the three days and tier 2&3 sites up even more at 25.1%, 63.4% and 59.3% respectively. This can only be described as a last rush to hospitality venues for a last visit before lockdown.


By comparison in the March lockdown sales dropped by 13.2%, followed by -45%, -60%, -65% and -75% in the days up to lockdown on March 20th when comparing with the week before.


Alastair Scott, CEO of S4labour and Managing Director of Malvern Inns commented: “I find the psychology of the second lockdown fascinating. Whereas in the first lockdown everyone wanted to follow government advice ahead of the lockdown this time the consumer reaction has been the complete opposite. This seems to demonstrate a lack of public support for the government actions. I suspect, or hope, therefore that when the industry opens up again it will be with immediate pent up demand rather than the rather timid excursions after lockdown no1.”

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