Case Study

Super 8’s Journey with S4labour

Compay Name: Super 8

Restaurateur Ledged, Brian Hannon

Super 8 Overview

London-based group Super 8 consists of three restaurants: Smoking Goat, Kiln and Brat, which have been going from strength to strength since they opened the doors of their first site in 2014. The modern high-end brand has seen its Kiln restaurant win the number one spot at the National Restaurant Awards, as well as its Brat concept being one of the fastest-claiming Michelin Star restaurants.

As a product and people-led business, Super 8 does not compromise when it comes to quality. With great suppliers from Cornwall, as well as farmers, fishermen and produce growers, their menu features quality dishes that make it famous.

“S4labour has played an important role in that in terms of the functional and hygienic management of our teams, and making sure people are in the right place at the right time, get paid at the right time and holiday is accrued in the right way.”

“We use S4labour to grow sales”

Brian Hannon

Super 8 Owner


This calibre of food and service can only be maintained by a strong and well-organised team. With 90+ employees across three restaurants, Super 8’s big team needed to be properly managed, ensuring staff were in the right place, at the right time. Using a spreadsheet system simply could not allow the business to run in an efficient and effective manner. 

Super 8 wanted a system that could look after their rota and deployment needs and maintain their high staff retention rate, ensuring that employees’ pay, holiday and contracts were all handled correctly. The ideal solution would allow them to optimise their labour and look after their staff. 

Solution & Results

S4labour was rolled out into all three Super 8 sites to much success. A great deal of work surrounding deployment and labour budgets was taken off the management team, allowing them to focus on creating a great guest experience.

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