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How will NLW increases affect your labour costs?

From April 2024, the headline NLW will increase from £10.42 to £11.44. The 14% of workers in the 18 to 20 bracket will see their new wage rising by 14.8%, and under 18s will see an increase of 21.2%. This means that for employers, the labour cost uplift will actually be 11.5%.

Make a difference with better management of your labour spend

Talented people are a key part of success. However, they are also the highest variable cost to a pub business. With S4labour’s digital rota, publicans are able to monitor weekly, daily and hourly service demand from till data. This enables rota scheduling that matches service patterns and in turn, maximises sales, controls costs and provides the best customer service.

Make more money

Digital Rotas that help you grow.

Using sales data from your tills, managers can plan their rotas and people, hour by hour to maximise sales opportunities.

Save more money

Digital Rotas that help you save money.

With clear visibility of in-week labour spend, showing how much you are spending before you have spent it, as well as how to save it.

Save more time

By streamlining processes to give time back to managers, so they can focus on delivering great customer service.

Hear it from industry voices

Despite the current challenges facing the industry, there are solutions at hand to help businesses navigate towards success.

We sat down with publicans across the country to find out how S4labour is helping them turn the tide.

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Features for Single site
All the tools you need in one workspace


Schedule events or meetings in advance to ensure you have enough staff to cover extra demand.


Staff deployment

An easy-to-use labour analysis graph makes deploying the right people at the right time quick, easy to visualise and consistent in delivery.


Use your past sales to predict your future revenue and deploy your staff more accurately

Training & support

We’re committed to helping your business get the most out of S4labour, with training included for all new customers

Payroll auditing

Link your rotas directly to our payroll system at the click of a button. Full reporting, holidays and compliance.


Time allocation

Use our tap in and out system to record when your staff are on site. They get paid for when they are in, Managers can decide any extra time outside of rota’d hours.

Flexible Plans & Pricing

Base Plan


per employee, per week

Rota creation,
App & Payroll

Available with or without payroll

What's Included?
  • Fully automate payroll
  • Benchmarked labour ratio
  • Live rotas
  • Team app
  • Intuitive forecasting
  • Template rotas
  • GDPR compliant storage
  • Onboarding support

*based per employee, per week

Core Plan


per employee, per week

Base Plan + HR, Holiday Management + Time & Attendance

or £1.65
excluding payroll

What's Included?
  • Industry standard contract of employment
  • Right To Work guidance + storage
  • Team holiday booking via the app
  • Calculation of holiday earned
  • Fully costed rotas
  • Area Manager dashboard

Advanced Plan


per employee, per week

Base & Core + Deployment, Advanced H.R. & Budgeting

or £2.45
excluding payroll

What's Included?
  • Deployment solution to help optimize rotas
  • EPoS link
  • Appraisals
  • Budgeting
  • Automated tip allocation system
  • Event management
  • Enhanced reporting

Integrated with the best in class

Integrated with the best in class

S4labour integrates with over 200 innovative partners to ensure you get the best systems in the industry.

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