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About ICR Touch

Industry-leaders in EPoS development, ICRTouch has been supporting business owners operate more efficiently for decades. With an intelligent all-in-one solution, the ICRTouch ecosystem provides software to take orders from multiple platforms including webshop, app and kiosks; table reservations, a kitchen display system, customer loyalty, stock management and more.

Trusted by thousands of businesses, ICRTouch solutions give you the flexibility and functionality you need to work smarter, not harder.

Key Features

Increase revenue

With an intuitive multi-channel approach, you’ll be increasing revenue, taking orders from your webshop, app, tills, kiosks and at-table devices.

Save time

Efficient, integrated EPoS will help you work smarter, giving you back the time you need to make intelligent business decisions.

Speed up service

Reduce unnecessary trips back and forth to the till, revolutionise the way orders are processed and provide efficient service.

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