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About Tenzo

Tenzo is an analytics and sales forecasting platform for restaurants, bars and cafes. It integrates with your POS system, labour planner, and inventory management platform to bring all your restaurant data together in one app and send actionable insights to the right person at the right time on a desktop or mobile. 

Tenzo’s reporting helps you drive up revenues while reducing costs and makes running a restaurant business more zen.

Key Features


Tenzo aggregates data across multiple data sources: inventory, labour, point of sale and reviews platforms.


It gives you this information in automated email reports and a beautifully designed analytics platform.


Tenzo delivers insights in real-time to the right person to action those insights.


Tenzo uses machine learning and data science to forecast sales as accurately as possible, taking into account weather, events, and more.



What is Restaurant PerformanceOps?


Tenzo: Restaurant

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