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About Zonal

Zonal is a UK-based, family-owned connected technology provider, helping more than 16,000 hospitality and leisure businesses connect the customer journey.

A complete point-of-sale system, Zonal’s EPoS is designed to help your operations run smoothly.

Key Features

A feature-rich and scalable hospitality EPoS system


Manage your entire product offering in one place. Complex products ranges with multiple portions and ingredients can be simply added and used across the EPoS system for ordering, deliveries, stock control and sales.


Zonal EPoS offers a complete cash management and reporting solution that delivers real-time visibility of all transactions to help you assess your business performance, with tight integrations to a wide range of third-party accounting packages.


Gain total control over your pricing, either through a standard pricing structure for your entire estate, or with individual or multiple price bands for specific venues or areas. 


Reduce your holdings, minimise wastage, and cut costs. Our fully-integrated, comprehensive stock management solution comes as standard with Zonal’s EPoS, and is one of the most powerful stock management solutions available.


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