Valentine’s Day is a big one for the sector. With everyone heading out to bars and restaurants to enjoy some quality time with loved ones, it is one of the busiest and most profitable periods for Hospitality. In 2021, despite lockdown restrictions, CGA reported that 70% of Britons were still planning on getting a special meal on the 14th.  Every year operators find different ways to get their hands on Valentine’s trade through unique and memorable experiences, whilst growing consumer confidence. Our like-for-like sales report revealed that in 2022, sales were up by 60% on the 14th compared to the preceding Friday 7th. So, what are other operators doing to drive footfall and sales that could inspire you this year? S4labour has been on the lookout for some fun and affordable offerings being run in 2023 by some big names in the business. We’ve found 4 ideas to inspire some fun this Valentine’s.
  1. Valentine’s Variety Show at Big Penny Social
Big Penny Social are presenting a night of live performances, ensuring guests stay at their venue long into the evening with an array of tasty food and drink offerings. Click here to find out more.
  1. Dine Out at Inamo
London-based restaurant inamo, which serves pan-Asian and Japanese cuisine, has put together a full menu for the 14th. They are offering three Valentine’s cocktails, as well as a selection of sushi, Asian tapas and v-day desserts. Dedicating a special menu to the night will draw the attention of those looking to do more than just the average meal this year. Click here to find out more.
  1. 3 Course Special at Bistrot Pierre
Holidays are a great opportunity to capitalise on your USP. Bistrot Pierre are bringing their French roots to the customer’s doorstep, offering a selection of French dishes and a glass of Veuve Devienne, which is likely to catch the attention of anyone looking for a Parisian evening of love. Click here to find out more.
  1. Valentine’s Brunch at Harper’s Steakhouse 
Everyone has a different idea of how they would like to spend their Valentine’s day – many operators will keep it traditional, banking on making sales in the evening with a dinner menu. Harper’s Steakhouse is offering a 2 for £14 Brunch deal until 5pm on the 14th, which will not only attract an entirely new group of customers to the evening crowd, but ensure all trading hours are maximised. For those who prefer to make a night of it, they’re even offering romantic overnight stays, taking the stress out of who’s driving. Click here to find out more.
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