Get visibility of what you have been spending so that you can start to see the areas you might be overspending.

The only way to do this is with a dynamic system that can give week-by-week and day-by-day insight into what you are spending, rather than just looking at totals for the quarter.


Get visibility of what you’re spending before you’ve spent it so you aren’t burdened with any unexpected costs.

Seeing your costs as you build the rota has a significant impact on efficiencies, and you can avoid finding out too late from the accountant that you have overspent.


Ensure you are paying for actual hours worked.

Benchmark data shows that digital time and attendance saves in the region of 15 minutes of cost per shift compared to relying on inaccurate timesheets.


Make time savings where you can.

S4labour are experts in reducing admin, which can save hours when taken out of the back office and management and returned to the shop floor.


Get more out of your team.

Driving the engagement and motivation of staff with effective communication makes a big difference to how well your labour is spent. Using a team app as a point of truth for shift allocations and tasks will increase productivity for every shift.

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