Recently, S4labour had the honour of participating in the Propel Women’s Conference which celebrated women’s resilience, strength, and limitless potential within each of them. This was an inspiring event that beautifully weaved together stories of triumph and failure, candid panel discussions, and incredible networking opportunities.  

Reflecting on the rich insights gained at the conference, certain themes kept coming up repeatedly. 

Here are five takeaways from the event: 

Leadership is a privilege

The best leaders don’t just manage people, they give them a sense of purpose. A leadership role doesn’t inherently make one a leader. The true measure of leadership is the ability to inspire others to achieve things they thought impossible. Authenticity, vulnerability and the will to make a difference are the essence of leadership. 

People and culture first

A thriving business is rooted in its culture, where people form the heart and soul of the organisation. People are the biggest value that businesses have. It costs next to nothing to retain people, but thousands to hire and retrain. And it’s a culture grounded in honesty and clear communication that effectively unlocks the potential of the workforce. 

Lowering the ladder

Helping others seize opportunities is crucial for a thriving team environment. The utopia exists when every member feels motivated and empowered. Remember, there are no ‘bad’ employees – only those who may either be misplaced in their roles or lack motivation. 

Change is normal

In the aftermath of Covid, organisations faced significant challenges and had to adapt rapidly. The industry continues to face uncertainties, and change is an inevitable constant. The ability of a leader to guide their team through these waves of transformation is invaluable. 

Prioritising EDI

EDI should be a bigger part of business strategy and not just a tick-box exercise. Leaders need to ensure they’re fostering a culture of inclusivity. 

After the Propel Women’s Conference, there’s an undeniable sense of inspiration. Let’s carry forward the momentum and continue to support and empower each other. If the idea of fostering a culture that puts people first resonates with you, discover how S4labour can help enhance team engagement, improve retention rates, and empower people to be their best.

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