S4Labour is the fastest growing labour solution for the hospitality industry. It is intuitive and user-friendly software designed to optimise scheduling of staff, as well as manage HR functions. In addition to significantly reducing operating costs, the system saves its users valuable time, allowing site managers to focus on doing what they do best – delivering great experiences to customers. Here are six ways S4Labour can save you or your managers time.

Saving time leads to increased focus on service levels

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We have established integrations with most leading till system providers meaning hourly sales data populates automatically into S4Labour with no requirement for managers to duplicate the process. This also facilitates perfect scheduling, with the right number of people on shift to deliver service standards throughout the day.

Easy Time & Attendance Tracking
We can also take clock in and clock out data directly from EPoS terminals, ensuring correct payment of staff. This removes the need for managers to update shift times at the end of the night and the hassle of dealing with pay-related queries.

Managing Human Processes
HR functions can be a drain on managers’ time. S4Labour automatically manages complex processes such as calculating correct holiday accrual and sick pay, and makes previously burdensome tasks like ensuring staff have legal right to work and logging appraisals, grievances, and disciplinaries a breeze.

Template Rotas
Manually creating a rota every week is often an unnecessary undertaking. S4Labour removes the need to do this by allowing users to create template rotas, which can be allocated to the required week in seconds, and then adjusted as much or as little as desired to account for the forecasted specifics of that week’s trade. There is no limit to the number of templates that can be created, and they can be created for the whole site or by department.

Better Communication
S4Labour makes worrying whether staff have checked when they’re due to work a thing of the past. Every time a manager creates a new rota, a copy of it is automatically emailed to all employees at the site. Employees can also take responsibility for managing their own personal details and requesting holiday through the system, further freeing managers’ time.

A Fully Integrated Solution
We integrate with leading training, payroll, and property management providers, and others. S4Labour is a one-stop-shop for management processes, removing the burden of working across multiple systems. Having an integrated solution allows S4Labour customers to work with the providers they prefer, safe in the knowledge that we will partner with them.

To find out more about how S4Labour can save your business time and money, or to request a demonstration, call 01295 267400 or email alec@cattonhospitality.com today.

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