Case Study

The Beautiful Pubs Collective 

Company Name: The Beautiful Pubs Collective
Business Type: Multi Site
Date: April 2024

Beautiful Pubs

Beautiful Pubs Overview

The Beautiful Pubs Collective partnered with S4labour towards the end of 2023. The Leicester-based business operates three sites: Knight & Garter, The Forge Inn and Rutland & Derby, all offering great food, drink and service.  

With over 90 team members and three very busy sites, Beautiful Pubs wanted a solution that could help them schedule their teams the most effectively to help save time and grow sales, without overspending on their labour budget.  

“With effective deployment, we are able to match sales demand hour-by-hour, which means we do not overspend.”

Rosalie Hagger

People and Experience Manager, The Beautiful Pubs Collective


Before S4labour, the team at Beautiful Pubs were not using a workforce management system for their rotas, H.R. and payroll.  

When it came to scheduling their teams, this meant that they were not always aware of their live spend, which sometimes led to unexpected labour costs.  

Their employees were signing in and out on paper documents, meaning their recorded hours were not always accurate. In turn, this impacted labour costs and payroll at the end of every month.  

Managers were being approached by staff members about absences, time off requests and holiday accrual in person, which was time-consuming and led to more admin.  

What were they looking for in a solution?

When moving to S4labour, Beautiful Pubs were looking for a solution that could help them to streamline all their operational processes.  

They wanted to be able to manage their labour in line with sales demand, to achieve excellent service and maximise sales across the business.


Now using S4labour, everything they need to manage their teams to be their best, is in one easily accessible place.  

With effective deployment, the team at Beautiful Pubs are able to match sales demand hour-by-hour so they aren’t overspending on their labour.  

With S4 Manage, their manages have real-time in-hand control over the day-to-day running of each site. They can view and analyse site performance, and amend staff rotas as operational needs evolve, as well as record any absences with ease.  

Using S4 Insights has given them collective visibility of forecasts, budgets and sales across all three sites.  

Using the employee app, S4 Connect, has given their teams complete access to their rotas, including shift briefs, slack tasks and incentives for every day. Teams are able to see booked and accrued holiday, as well request future holidays and ‘not available’ shifts. Staff members also have access to all their personal information and documents, including contracts and RTW, all in one place.  

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