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In times of change, pointOne gives your business certainty. Reliable and flexible, yet simple and effective. Innovative hospitality needs innovative EPoS.

About PointOne

Specifically designed to meet the needs of the hospitality industry, the EPoS solution utilises a cutting-edge combination of on-site hardware, cloud-based functionality and an open API integration hub to give the most reliable system available in today’s POS market.

PointOne’s enterprise tools provide a complete solution from Mobile tablet-based POS offering full functionality on the move for tableside ordering, to Kitchen Management and remote Head Office Management, Stock Control and Self-Service Ordering.

These, coupled with access to leading third-party integration solutions like S4labour, provide you with an effective EPoS system tailored 100% to your business needs.

Key Features

Fast and flexible front-of-house EPoS

Easy Navigation

Switch easily betweek FOH & BOH operations using colour coded management & general service functions.

Fully Integrated

Seamless integration with multiple third-party software.


For fully QSR or bar businesses, our quick action bar screen offers fast orders and transaction processing.

Fast Transaction

Complete payment flexibility such as split-bill.



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Case Study

With Lucky Onion Group

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