Analysis of over 100 organisations using S4Labour showed positive sales growth for the majority of operators last month. 

Bad weather hit late-month revenues

Our latest research into revenues at operators across all sectors of hospitality revealed an average increase in sales of 0.2% on February 2017 levels. 

This was primarily driven by wet-led businesses, which enjoyed on average a 4.8% uplift across their sites. Food-focused venues typically experienced a tougher month, seeing on average a 0.6% fall in sales. The restaurant and casual dining sectors were particularly badly hit by the severe weather that arrived towards the end of the month, with many sites struggling with cancellations and delivery logistics, and some closing outright. The Castle Inn in Spofforth, North Yorkshire, part of out own Malvern Inns brand, saw temperatures 13 degrees colder than last year on the final day of the month and food sales 60% down as a result.

As well as identifying and reducing overstaffing, S4Labour helps its users drive increased sales by highlighting times when front of house and kitchen teams are likely to be stretched too thin. This allows managers to write optimal rotas, ensuring sales opportunities are not missed and service levels remain high, leading to increased sales both in the short term and longer term through valuable repeat custom. 

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