June was a superb month for sales for S4Labour customers, our latest analysis has found. 

Research into over 100 organisations across all industry sectors revealed that average like for like revenues were up 5.4%. Recent fine weather and the start of the World Cup are likely factors in the increase, with drink sales 6.7% and food sales 3.3% up on average. Wet-led operators were the biggest winners, enjoying on average a 5.9% rise, while food-focused venues saw a 4.9% increase.

This follows on from strong May, which also saw revenues over 5% above 2017 levels. Many in hospitality will be predicting the good news to continue into July – CO2 shortage notwithstanding – as the recent heatwave is set to continue well into the month, while the latter stages of the World Cup and beginning of the school holidays will also boost footfall and sales. 

Understaffing when sales are good can significantly damage your bottom line, and your reputation. S4Labour can help you rectify this, maximising profits and customer satisfaction. Call 01295 267400 or book a demo today. 
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