Analysis from S4labour shows that hospitality sales are 18.27% below what they were before the curfew, comparing week 37 & 38 to week 40 & 41 (before and after curfew).

When we look at the 18.27% decrease broken down per hour (graph below), each hour has been impacted which reflects the overall industry slump; a fall in consumer confidence since the curfew. The hours from 6am to 6pm are down on average 16.1%.

A noticeable impact has also been shown in hour 22 (9pm to 10pm) as it is down almost 40%, indicating that the curfew has not only has an impact after 10, but the run up until the time of closure. The place must be cleared by 10, and most people are likely to head home within the hour.

Futhermore, when you look at the food and drinks split between hours (below), it can be seen that food has been hit harder than drink. This is a reflection on a few things. Firstly, most places are unable to offer a second dinner sitting: whereas previously there can be an early, 7:30 sitting, and another can be fitted in later, this is now not possible, therefore food sales are heavily diminished. Secondly, if everyone has to be out by 10pm, it does not offer much opportuity to sell food right up until that time. No one wants to rush their evening meal, but ask someone to squeeze in a last drink at 9:30 and they will not say no.

Richard Hartley commented: “Overall the curfew has impacted sales, perhaps just when the industry was starting to get back on it’s feet.”

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