Time is always precious, but seldom more so than for managers in our industry. Tasked with balancing the business-building side of their role against the less glamorous administrative processes required to promote efficiency, for these people any opportunity to save time is a golden one. Here are our top tips on how to do just that.

Spread your Admin Time

We often speak to managers who dedicate a whole day each week, usually a Monday, to performing administrative functions. While the idea of powering through all these tasks in one session may be appealing, in reality people easily get bogged down and bored, reducing their efficiency. Spreading admin tasks across the week at times when business is slower will allow you to keep a clear, fresh mind, as well as tighten your labour spend by removing your need to be away from service all Monday.

Get a Grip on Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual Processes

From kitchen prep to line cleaning, every hospitality business has core daily and weekly tasks, that quickly become part of a smooth routine. However more occasional processes, carried out monthly, quarterly, or annually, such as P+L reviews and strategic planning, do not benefit from the efficiency of repetition. Spending some time now scoping out the months ahead in terms of the jobs that must be done and best practice for performing them will pay dividends long term in saving time and hassle. It will also ensure these tasks are given the time they deserve, meaning they are not just done, but done well.

Improve Holiday Management

With all hourly-paid employees in the UK entitled to at least 12.07% of the time they work as paid leave, particularly in larger sites, managing holidays can be a muddled minefield. Uncertainty on entitlement, questions about accrual, and having to deal with staff who are confused or dissatisfied about their right to time off can all be big drains on management time. It’s time to ditch the messy office calendar and employ a fast, efficient process for managing holiday time, including employees’ holiday requests.

S4Labour allows managers access to all the holiday data they need at the touch of a button, and employees to request holidays online, taking the irritation out of vacation.

Effective holiday management, communication, and delegation will save managers time and keep employees smiling.

Delegate to Accumulate

It’s always good to speak to managers who have the enthusiasm to take control of their business and firmly grasp control of all aspects of operations. However, we find that this can lead to managers taking on too much work for themselves, and the quality of the work slipping as a result. Delegation to assistants and trusted team members of jobs like writing rotas and counting stock – with GMs stepping back in just to sign off on the tasks when complete – can save valuable management time, with the added benefit of staff development elsewhere in the team.

Communication is King

It almost goes without saying but it’s so critical we couldn’t leave it out! Communication really is king. Ensuring you have an easy, efficient process for sharing rotas and organising team meetings will save time and energy. Even more importantly, making sure you properly communicate to staff what you want them to achieve, how you expect them to deliver that, and your aims for business development will mean employees are happy and motivated and all pulling in the same direction. This allows you to focus on those key tasks of your own that drive your business’s success.

S4Labour is the UK hospitality industry’s fastest growing labour management software. Designed by operators for operators, it helps control costs, improve service, and save management time. Call 01295 267400 or email info@cattonhospitality.com to book a free demonstration.

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