Weekly hospitality sales up 19.9% on pre EOTHO levels.

Analysis from S4labour shows that last weeks hospitality sales were up 19.9% on pre EOTHO levels. However, as the Eat Out to Help Out scheme came to an end, children returning to school and many going back to work, hospitality sales tailed off with a 12.8% week on week decline.

London bore a less severe week on week dip than the rest of the country, down 9.4%, but up 26.4% compared to the week before the EOTHO scheme launched. Outside the capital, week on week sales were down 13.4%, but up 18.8% compared to the week before EOTHO.

Over the last month, there has been a significant difference between the like for likes performance of food compared to drink, with food sales growing more dramatically in the wake of the EOTHO support. However last week, with EOTHO not available for the majority of the week, there was for the first time since July, a relatively modest difference, with drink sales slipping 11.5% and food sales down 14.0% on the previous week.

Sam Wignell, Chief Customer Officer at S4labour commented, last week was interesting because we had one day of EOTHO and a bank holiday Monday. This week will be the first full week without the government backed discount and so give a much clearer indicator of the health of the sector. While week on week sales were down, it is highly encouraging to see operators are still trading well above where they were a 6 weeks ago. On the whole, these set of figures point to a healthy level of public confidence albeit with a hard road of recovery ahead.

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