Case Study

Multi-site operator Peter Patel gets the quickest payroll with S4labour

Company: Costcutter
Business Type: Convenience Store
Date: March 2023

Costcutter Overview

Winner of Convenience Chain of the Year in 2021, retailer Peter Patel has been trading as Zola Group for 15 years and under the Costcutter fascia for 5 years. He currently operates 6 convenience stores across the UK, with plans to open another four.


Across his stores, Peter relied on a number of different systems which had its challenges. When it came to monitoring holiday entitlement, using a manual process meant it was a struggle for employees to know how much holiday they could take and how to book it in. Processing payslips was also an issue with the old systems, and it often meant that employees were not receiving them on time.

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“S4labour create my payroll, it’s so simple, confirm the hours once a week and that’s it. Everything’s then automated thereafter.”

Peter Patel
Costcutter Retailer

Solution & Benefits

Pete was looking for one system to encompass rotas and payroll and, as a multi-site operator, a product that could offer clear visibility across all of his stores. Getting an app-based solution was preferred, as this would ensure staff could request holiday, check rotas and view payslips in one place.

Finding a solution for payroll was a big priority, as Peter needed to be able to process payroll quickly and accurately across multiple stores.


After a seamless transfer over to S4labour, Peter had visibility of all his stores with the multi-site overview. The entire process of rota creation through to payroll was made much easier, saving a lot of time. Supervisor Alex Grace comments: “It’s a lot more time effective, I used to spend so long making paper rotas, when you’re trying to run a store, you want to try and have more time to do that rather than worry about other things.”

The S4labour solution has made Pete’s payroll process easier. All of this sits in one app and is made available to employees straight away, which not only saves a lot of time, but also ensures the numbers are accurate.

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