Case Study

Tossed Saved Labour Spend by using S4labour

Compay Name: Tossed
Business Type: Mulit Site
Date: 2018


Tossed Overview

Tossed is a healthy fast-food chain found in central London, with 12 outlets. They serve healthy food freshly made to order including delicious salads, power bowls and rainbow wraps.

“Moving to S4labour was a chance to relaunch better and operate our sites in a more productive, efficient way, we quickly achieved that.
Neil Sabba

Managing Director, Tossed

Solution & Benefits

The immediate solution was to find a labour management and payroll software that could provide them with clearer visibility and Tossed opted for S4labour.

Furlough made payroll complicated for many, but Neil was determined to do the best for his team, something he knew they could rely on S4labour to get right. Like most operators, a large number of the team are on variable hours and migrating to a new system could have made things complicated, causing delays.

However, the migration process to S4labour was seamless and we were able to ensure that the teams at Tossed who were working and those on Furlough got paid correctly. Tossed were able to make a quick, accurate and uninterrupted CJRS claims.

Another painpoint with their previous solution was the lack of link from their payroll service into their pension provider. Now with S4labour, the link from their payroll to their pension is automated and entirely accurate, saving them a great deal of time and stress every pay period.


Since moving their labour management to S4labour, Tossed have saved time when it comes to payroll and now have complete visibility. By accurately deploying teams at times when they are needed, Tossed have been able to best use their labour spend and save on unnecessary costs. Neil states that by using S4labour, it has resulted in a significant weekly labour saving.

Other staff members have commented on the experience of using S4labour: “The training and support we received has been fantastic. We have implemented several systems into the business over our time, but the way S4labour have gone about setting us up for success has been the best I have ever seen.”

“We had great communication as our system was being built and the team were really diligent in setting S4labour up right for Tossed. Since we have been live with S4labour, the whole team have been expertly trained and are engaged. The support team have always been quick to respond to any queries.”

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