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About Apicbase

Apicbase is the #1 back-of-house management software for food businesses. It is an easy-to-use platform for food cost control that integrates seamlessly with ePOS systems. It supports single and multi-unit restaurants, hotels and catering operations, and manages all kitchen data – from recipes to procurement.

The back-of-house of a professional food business is notoriously hard to manage. The reason is that everything happens at the same time and it never stops. It’s a continuous loop of recipe development, menu engineering, inventory control and procurement.

Key Features

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The single source of truth for your company’s food management.


Reduce manual actions. Automate workflows. Avoid errors. Save time.


Track metrics group-wide. Compare unit performance. Spot irregularities.


Get clear data. Oversee your entire operation. Focus on areas of improvement.


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