SPAR Retailer

Case Study

S4labour’s time and attendance is a gamechanger for SPAR, Minster Lovell

Company: SPAR, Minster Lovell
Business Type: Convenience Store
Date: Feb 2023

SPAR Overview

SPAR Minster Lovell is a family business that was founded in 1937, and has been trading as a SPAR under their symbol group since 1991. The store’s Retail Director, Ian Lewis, has been involved in the business for 10 years, employing over 20 people.


The SPAR store was using paper timesheets and rotas to turnover same-week pay, which did not come without complications. Lewis describes his Friday evenings before S4labour as chaotic, balancing an evening delivery and payroll with staff still in the store, which often led to payment delays.

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“It was a real gamechanger for us to be able to move away from paper rotas and paper timesheets.”

Ian Lewis
SPAR Retailer

Solution & Benefits

The ideal solution for the store was a digital time and attendance system, which could allow staff to tap-in and tap-out on a mobile device. This would ensure that staff were paid for the hours they actually worked, with no need for unnecessary admin hours. As well as this, Lewis wanted a way to make sure holiday entitlement was accurate, legal and compliant.


Since using S4labour, SPAR Minster Lovell has saved time by swapping paper rotas and timesheets for digital ones. Ian said, “It means now I am able to set up the rotas, set up the payroll and it’s just worked perfectly.” Better managed rotas and digital T&A has enabled accurate payroll, giving Ian his Friday evenings back: “I’m not working out hours and decimals [..] I’ve got visibility straight away, who hasn’t clocked in, who hasn’t clocked out, managing holiday…”

Super 8

Case Study

Super 8’s Journey with S4labour

Compay Name: Super 8

Restaurateur Ledged, Brian Hannon

Super 8 Overview

London-based group Super 8 consists of three restaurants: Smoking Goat, Kiln and Brat, which have been going from strength to strength since they opened the doors of their first site in 2014. The modern high-end brand has seen its Kiln restaurant win the number one spot at the National Restaurant Awards, as well as its Brat concept being one of the fastest-claiming Michelin Star restaurants.

As a product and people-led business, Super 8 does not compromise when it comes to quality. With great suppliers from Cornwall, as well as farmers, fishermen and produce growers, their menu features quality dishes that make it famous.

“S4labour has played an important role in that in terms of the functional and hygienic management of our teams, and making sure people are in the right place at the right time, get paid at the right time and holiday is accrued in the right way.”

“We use S4labour to grow sales”

Brian Hannon

Super 8 Owner


This calibre of food and service can only be maintained by a strong and well-organised team. With 90+ employees across three restaurants, Super 8’s big team needed to be properly managed, ensuring staff were in the right place, at the right time. Using a spreadsheet system simply could not allow the business to run in an efficient and effective manner. 

Super 8 wanted a system that could look after their rota and deployment needs and maintain their high staff retention rate, ensuring that employees’ pay, holiday and contracts were all handled correctly. The ideal solution would allow them to optimise their labour and look after their staff. 

Solution & Results

S4labour was rolled out into all three Super 8 sites to much success. A great deal of work surrounding deployment and labour budgets was taken off the management team, allowing them to focus on creating a great guest experience.

Warner’s Retail

Case Study

S4labour move Warner’s Retail to the digital age

Company: Warner’s Retail
Business Type: Convenience Store
Date: Feb 2023

Warner’s Retail Overview

Warner’s Retail is an independently owned group of food stores, formerly known as Warner’s Budgens. Guy Warner has been running stores for over 15 years. The new supermarket in Upton-upon-Severn opened in May 2022.


Before S4labour the team were using spread sheets and paper rotas which had an impact time, where managers could be using the time spent elsewhere. The team were spending far too much time chasing people for documents and rotas.

Historically, there where times where Guy would get to the end of the month and be a little shocked with how much they had spent on labour costs.

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“As a boss, you love an IT solution that nobody talks about, not because its not there, it’s just because it works. I can honestly say since its gone in I’ve not heard about it, which means it’s working.”

Guy Warner
Together with Morrisons Retailer

Solution & Benefits

Warner’s Retail needed a solution that could not only save time and make rota writing easy, but save in labour costs as well.

Warner’s Retail moved over to S4labour in 2022. When asked about the move, Guy said, “to be honest, I’m not quite sure how we worked without it.”


Warner’s Retail are able to see a real time snapshot of true labour costs at any one moment. The time to administer it is a fraction of what it used to be prior to S4labour.

Labour is such a big cost within the industry, and as such you need to have a close eye on what you are spending.  Now, with real time visibility Guy has a clear view of what they are spending, with no shock at the end of the month.


Case Study

Tossed Saved Labour Spend by using S4labour

Compay Name: Tossed
Business Type: Mulit Site
Date: 2018


Tossed Overview

Tossed is a healthy fast-food chain found in central London, with 12 outlets. They serve healthy food freshly made to order including delicious salads, power bowls and rainbow wraps.

“Moving to S4labour was a chance to relaunch better and operate our sites in a more productive, efficient way, we quickly achieved that.
Neil Sabba

Managing Director, Tossed

Solution & Benefits

The immediate solution was to find a labour management and payroll software that could provide them with clearer visibility and Tossed opted for S4labour.

Furlough made payroll complicated for many, but Neil was determined to do the best for his team, something he knew they could rely on S4labour to get right. Like most operators, a large number of the team are on variable hours and migrating to a new system could have made things complicated, causing delays.

However, the migration process to S4labour was seamless and we were able to ensure that the teams at Tossed who were working and those on Furlough got paid correctly. Tossed were able to make a quick, accurate and uninterrupted CJRS claims.

Another painpoint with their previous solution was the lack of link from their payroll service into their pension provider. Now with S4labour, the link from their payroll to their pension is automated and entirely accurate, saving them a great deal of time and stress every pay period.


Since moving their labour management to S4labour, Tossed have saved time when it comes to payroll and now have complete visibility. By accurately deploying teams at times when they are needed, Tossed have been able to best use their labour spend and save on unnecessary costs. Neil states that by using S4labour, it has resulted in a significant weekly labour saving.

Other staff members have commented on the experience of using S4labour: “The training and support we received has been fantastic. We have implemented several systems into the business over our time, but the way S4labour have gone about setting us up for success has been the best I have ever seen.”

“We had great communication as our system was being built and the team were really diligent in setting S4labour up right for Tossed. Since we have been live with S4labour, the whole team have been expertly trained and are engaged. The support team have always been quick to respond to any queries.”

Employee Profile vs. User Profile

A User Profile grants access to the management and funtionality side of the s4labour system.

A persons user level will determine what they can see and do. A user profile will typically have a Username assigned to it, rather than an email address.

An Employee login is created when an employee is added to S4labour. This allows staff to view their rota, their own details, and submit requests for holiday or detail changes. An employee profile will typically login with an email address.

User login’s are created and managed by a level 5 user.

Users can be linked to an employee to prevent logging out and in to switch profiles.You are able to log in as a user and switch between your employee and user profile, but you are not able to log in using your employee profile and switch to your User Profile.

While the accounts are linked they are still distinct.

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